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Criticism for John Cena’s BodyChange

John Cena has a huge HUGE amount of followers. Most people not only ‚simply‘ love him, they adore him, many say they would even „die“ for him (see for example what his followers on twitter write from time to time). So it seems only logical to assume that the 10 Weeks BodyChange program will be very successful. There is also criticism, though. Find here a collection of that criticism found on the world wide web.

„How dare „the champ“…?“
john cena changetime criticism

„Change Time was advertised for free…“
bodychange was advertised for free

„Don’t pay for a gym but for BodyChange…?“
pay for changetime instead of gym

„Can’t pay for John Cenas Change Time…“
cant pay for john cenas changetime

„John Cena’s Change Time seems to be a fraud…“
john cena changetime a fraud

„Change Time too expensive for stay at home mom“
changetime too expensive for mom


What do you think? Is the criticism justified? Leave your comment below in the comment section. Note: please stay cool when commenting, and respect the opinion of others! If you don’t respect those rules your comment will be erased! Thanks for respecting.

John Cena Changetime

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  • Peg

    $10 a week for meal plans, workout videos, online tracking tool…I think it’s more than reasonable plus there’s a payment plan if you can’t come up with it all up front. Things are tight for me too and I was going to pass at first, until I broke it down like this. Money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. I think what it boils down to is that people have developed an entitlement mentality and forget that running a program like this costs money. There are plenty of free plans and recipes out there for people who don’t want to pay anything. I need the structure and I need a plan to be successful. I want to lose weight badly enough that I’m going to figure out how to make it work. Thanks John Cena for what you are doing. (0) (0)

    • http://www.10-weeks-body-change.de It’s Changetime

      Thank you for your thoughts, Peg.

  • john mccullough

    Sugar busters and Adkins works. John’s similar diet should too especially because you get a free day to eat and drink what you want. I think in the long term, human desire for better appealing food is extremely powerful and makes people give up and eat a pizza. John solves that failure.

    • http://www.10-weeks-body-change.de It’s Changetime

      Thanks for your comment, John! It really is hard to give up something forever. Forever is a long time :) So proobably that’s one reason why many diet programs fail: people just don’t want to give up certain stuff forever. If you are allowed to cheat once per week, then this makes the whole thing much more feasible. And it seems to be even good for the whole weight loss process, see here: http://www.10wbc-changetime.com/binge-and-still-lose-weight-on-loadday/