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John Cena’s Change Time:
A big hype or a diet for the masses?

john cena changetime 10 week bodychange hype

John Cena’s 10 Week Body Change (10WBC) polarizes. Is 10WBC ultimately just a hype which was created by clever marketing, or is it a diet movement that is here to stay?

The hype around the „John Cena diet“

One reason why the John Cena Change Time diet polarizes is certainly the promoter of the program himself: celebrity John Cena. Although some may simply call the 10 Week BodyChange program ‚yet another diet‘, we have to be aware of the fact that there is a difference between a ‚crash diet‘ and a ‚long-term change in diet‘. John Cena’s weight loss program is the latter. Admittedly, the marketing around 10WBC is pretty awesome, looking at it purely from a marketing perspective. Some say a good marketing effort has to also ‚rock the boat‘ a little bit and that that’s part of the plan. With John Cena we surely have an ideal front man: a public figure who is known across many age groups and across the country; some people love him, some people loathe him. So, already the publicity and the mixed feelings regarding John Cena are enough to generate a huge hype.

10WBC: a diet for the masses?

While one may have a certain (negative) opinion about John, it’s important to leave aside any prejudices for an objective discussion. The question is whether John Cena’s Change Time is merely a hype that will disappear as quickly as it has came in December 2013? Or is there a really sophisticated nutrition-, fitness- and motivation concept behind it, one that is so good that it can produce a long-lasting nutrition and fitness ‚craze‘? The 10WBC success stories speak a clear language: people of different ages so far have managed to achieve their goals, and in some cases the achieved results far exceeded their expectations. One has to admit that. The question will therefore be: How sustainable is the whole thing? Can you eat all your life according to the 10WBC nutrition concept? Will we also see a ,yo-yo effect‘ (gaining weight again later) with 10WBC? We will see. One thing is certain, of course: no matter which diet plan you follow, you will always experience a yo-yo effect afterwards if you start with the old, bad habbits again.

Change Time: a big hype or a diet for the masses?
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Hype or here to stay: What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below in the comment field. But please: stay nice, cool and respectful of other people’s opinion 😉

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  • Sandi

    I have 145 pounds to lose. Can this be archived on your plan?